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How To Tag Images

You must either first create an account or log-in. Then you can upload an image via a url or file, and tag the images as you upload them.

By tagging the images with keywords which describes the content, users are able to search for the images featuring a specific character, theme, or attribute.

Tag what you see: In other words, only tag the visual and factual elements in the image. For example, images where the full moon is prominently depicted will have a full_moon tag. Ideally you should use an existing tag.

Do not use subjective tags: (such as sexy, cute, hot, etc). These tags are problematic because they are based on personal opinion, and different opinions can conflict. Images based on a subjective theme can be favorited instead.

Describing the image in simple keywords: What objects are in the image (gun, large breasts, etc)? Is there a particular theme to the image (is it Christmas? Is there a battle? etc)?

Remember: There are a lot users who are not familiar with a character or a copyright, so using the following basic tags will enable those without such knowledge to recognize and search for images easily:
  • Character's features: hair length, hair color, hair style, decorations on head (hat, long_hair, short_hair, blue_hair, blond, brunette, bow, ribbon, etc), eyes color (blue_eyes, brown_eyes) and recognizable special attributes.
  • Expression: smile, sad, depressed, embarrassed (blushing), etc.
  • Actions: sitting, running, kneeling, etc.
  • Objects: butt, glasses, bows, water, night_sky, tea_cup, gun, dildo, etc.
  • Time of day: sunrise, sunset, twilight, nighttime,
  • Sexual content: doggy_position, missionary_position, frotting, oral, fellatio (blowjob), bdsm, masturbation, etc.

Tagging Artists: artist:namehere

Tagging Specific Characters: character:namehere

Please email admins if you wish to use a new tag!

Image Ratings: Sexual material must also be rated according to subject's dress & activity - 'safe', 'questionable, 'explicit'.